A new machine balance for Dirt Devil and Artificer will be released on November 26th.

26.11.2019 – Patch Notes Version 6.00.1418

  • 25 de November de 2019

Hello, Metal Gladiators

Maintenance is scheduled for November 26, from 11:00 to 15:00 (UTC-0), to apply a machine balance update for Dirt Devil and Artificer.

Dirt Devil

Weapon 2

  • Weapon damage has been reduced from 200 to 160 per second.


Weapon 1

  • Projectile speed has been increased by 33%
  • Projectile size has been increased by 13.5%
  • Weapon damage has been reduced from 100 to 75
  • Global Cooldown has been reduced from 0,4s to 0,25s.

Weapon 2

  • Special Weapon energy gain has been reduced by 10%

Weapon 3

  • The initial boost power has been reduced, and the total boost time has been increased from 0,2s to 0,5s.
  • Cooldown has been reduced from 6 to 5 seconds.


  • The passive repair now also affects Artificer.
  • Artificer’s passive self repair won’t count for the repair statistics.


  • The Machine handling has been improved for greater mobility and accuracy.

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Heavy Metal Machines Team