MSA, the fist Metal League’s Double Champions talk about their second victory

  • 04 / 01 / 2020

After winning the Metal League 6, and securing their second title in a row, we spoke with Metal Sect Anarchists (MSA) e-sport athletes, Antiseptic & Wollund, to hear about their experience as the champion team of the tournament. Learn how they managed to put together another outstanding performance!

1) First of all, congratulations on securing your second Champion Title in a row and winning the Metal League 6. Was there something you changed in your preparation for this tournament?
Thanks for your congratulations! Our basic concept for preparing for the league has not changed. But compared to the previous metal league (NA), this one was calmer, for the reason that we play on our server, and we know the players in Europe very well. This took less time to prepare than the last time. Not radically less, but we definitely lost fewer nerves. With Brazilian teams and players, it was not really predictable. Therefore, we spent more time and effort into NA.

2) You dominated the Qualifiers, winning 54 out of 58 matches, securing the first place in all stages, except one. Did you think that the finals would be easy because of that?

No, we are not the type of team that relaxes. Even when all is well, we are ready to reflect the waves of rivals. And we almost always plan ahead. So, we would be calmer if, in the last stages of the league, we would break away from rivals. A gap of more than 200 points from the enemy team and a maximum of an hour until the end of the stage. Under such conditions, we can calm down, but we still keep watching the enemy closely, especially if you are leading in points and are above the opposing team. You can lose in the draft with poor preparation. The draft is the main part of the game. For the qualifying stages, practice before the draft. No matter how well you play in the qualifiers, everything is ultimately decided in the draft.

3) In the tournament, it showed that your team has the ability to quickly adapt, and change your formation based on your enemy. Is this something you specifically trained for?
We love to adapt to the command of the enemy. Because it’s easier to understand how they play and which counter-attack will work. To adapt to the enemy, training is not required. All you need: the ability to analyze players and their cars. Thus, you can prepare well and draw useful conclusions. 

4) During the Qualifiers, your team used Rampage and Vulture in nearly all the matches and won most of them. Would you say your team would be just as strong without them?
We would be weaker without them. But this does not mean that we cannot do anything without them, as it’s just the most practical and useful option. Rampage and Vulture are machines that can cause a lot of damage and which are very difficult to stop. In truth, they practically can’t be stopped. 😉
If our opponents used Rampage and Vulture, it would be more difficult for us. In truth, we are surprised that no one took full advantage of this. We think that even if we did not use them, we had other options. That would not let us win so easily.

5) Your most used composition was only used 9%, which shows that you can play in many different ways using many different compositions. How do you specifically come up with a composition during a draft? Are there any tips you would like to share?
We love to play with many vehicles and many picks. This does not give the enemy a chance to predict our actions. Thus, we set the pace of the game. Our three main principles of the draft are:

– Catch the enemy on mistakes.

– Try to choose the enemy’s strong cars.

– Think a few steps ahead.

  Nothing complicated: simple logic and good players 😉

6) For all the newer teams, what are some strategies or training tips you could help them with?
I answered a similar question in a previous interview . All I can add is if you ever play the Metal League Final and your Discord shuts down, remember that the game has a voice chat :sunglasses:  Thus, we played the whole final using voice chat 😉 Discussing each action, we came to victory. Thanks so much for the questions! With you were Antiseptic and Wollund.


See you in the HMM Arenas!