Little Monster

Little Monster

The Orphan

Thrash Metal

Little Monster deals damage over time to opponents in front, repairing herself for the damage dealt.

  • Damage Per Second: 180
  • Passes Through Barriers: No
  • Area Size: 3 radius
  • Self-repair: 100% of damage dealt
  • Special Weapon Energy Gain: 4% of damage dealt

Syphon of Destruction

Creates a cone-shaped vortex that pulls enemies towards Little Monster's front and deals damage over time. Little Monster repairs herself for some of the damage done.

  • Warm Up: 0.2s
  • Cooldown: 3s
  • Cone Range: 26
  • Cone Angle: 40
  • Cone Duration: 0.5s
  • Pull Force: 120
  • Damage Per Second: 120 HP
  • Self-repair: 80% of damage dealt
  • Passes Through Barriers: No
  • Special Weapon Energy Gain: 9% of damage dealt
  • Global Cooldown: Mosh Pit = instant | Stampede = instant | Iron Maiden = instant | Bomb Pass = 0.1s

Mosh Pit

Little Monster bounces into the air, becoming invulnerable. If she lands on an enemy, she pushes them away and deals damage, bouncing into the air again and resetting the cooldown of Stampede (Weapon 3). Landing on the bomb also triggers a subsequent bounce and reset of Stampede's cooldown.

  • Warm Up: 0.032s
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Time Airborne: 0.75s
  • Area Damage: 100
  • Area Push Force: 50
  • Area Size: 11 radius
  • Passes Through Barriers: Yes
  • Special Weapon Energy Gain: 9% of damage dealt
  • Global Cooldown: Syphon of Destruction = 0.8s | Stampede = instant | Iron Maiden = 0.8s | Bomb Pass = 0.1s


Little Monster boosts forwards. This weapon can be used while Little Monster is airborne.

  • Warm Up: 0.1s
  • Cooldown: 5.9s
  • Instant Boost: 30
  • Scaling Boost Over Time per second: 170
  • Boost Over Time Duration: 0.5s
  • Global Cooldown: Syphon of Destruction= instant | Mosh Pit = instant | Iron Maiden = instant | Bomb Pass = instant

Iron Maiden

Little Monster jumps up and activates a Shield, repairing herself over time. Upon landing on an opponent, deals damage and pushes them away, bouncing again and resetting the cooldown of Stampede (Weapon 3). Bouncing on opponents also resets the duration of the self-repair effect.

  • Warm Up: 0.032s
  • Time Airborne: 1s
  • Area Damage: 150
  • Area Push Force: 50
  • Area Size: 11 radius
  • Self-repair per second: 88 HP
  • Self-repair duration: 5s
  • Passes Through Barriers: Yes
  • Global Cooldown: Syphon of Destruction = 0.8s | Mosh Pit = 0.8s | Stampede = instant | Bomb Pass = 0.1s

  • Sound Track:

Nothing for a stubborn child. Especially a psychopath child driving a monster truck. Little Monster is a transporting fortress that, when carrying a bomb, will only stop when it is delivered. And those who get in the way invariably end up crushed beneath the gigantic and brutal tires of a monstrous machine.

Don’t stand in front of her! The passive Thrash Metal crushes any enemy who is right in front of the monster truck and repairs herself. Also, the Primary Weapon comes to vacuum opponents in front of Little Monster, aligning them to the death: that’s the Syphon of Destruction.

Mosh Pit throws the machine up into the air, where it cannot get hit. When it comes back down, smashes enemies who are underneath — and it bounces back up in the air every time it hits another opponent. It is an excellent dodge movement if used at precisely the right time. A child hopping on a massive machine is the type of insane stuff you see in Metal City and the kind of frustration that leaves the adversary pilots completely embarrassed, when Rampage passes by without hitting it or when the Clunkers’ hook is used up for swatting at flies, for example.

When she finds herself in need of speed, she activates the Stampede. It abruptly accelerates the machine — even when it is on the air. If someone is blocking your passage, this person will probably get destroyed.

The best for the last: Iron Maiden is her capability to jump forward, deal damage upon landing and repair herself for a while. This special weapon is an excellent call for late game bomb delivery.

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