Understand how Heavy Metal Machines’ Cross-Play will work

  • 19 / 02 / 2021

Hi Metal Gladiators,


With great joy, HMM will be finally released for consoles. On February 23, the game will be available for PS4™ console and Xbox One, with compatibility for PS5™ console and Xbox Series X|S, and will be Cross-Play!


Cross-Play means that the game can be played on any of these platforms, including PC, without losing gameplay quality, and players of any platform can play together in the same servers.


Cross-play will be available for all types of matches: Casual, Custom, Ranked, and Colosseum. In this way, you will play with everybody, interacting and adding people from all platforms in a single search queue.


The most significant benefit for everyone is that many more people will meet when searching for matches, making waiting times shorter and possibly allowing more balanced matches for both new players and veterans.


You can also add players from other platforms to your friends’ list, increasing your connections and being able to play together at any time. Cool, right?!


If you want to play only with players on your platform, the console users can turn off Cross-Play in the game settings. This option is only available for console players, and it is not available for PC.


Any questions? Just talk to one of our community managers on Discord, get in there: https://discord.gg/heavymetalmachines 


See you in the Arenas!