• 24 / 03 / 2021


We have news! Now each week, we will have selected items in the Heavy Metal Machines Store. To get off to a good start, enjoy the items from Season 1 “Road to Málmheim” this week!


Check out the items:


Model Level Fame Cash
Ride of the Valkyries Heavy Metal 1.450
Winds of Fortune Heavy Metal 1.450
Fafnir’s Treasure (Copper) Heavy Metal 1.450
Mobile Suit (Red) Metal Legend 1.150
Howl of the Wolves Metal Legend 1.150
Among the Dead (Purple) Metal Legend 1.150
Journey to Rupture (Military) Rockstar 2.000 820
Road to Hunt Idol 500 235


Visual Effect Type Cash
Bifröst Out Kill 200
Lucky Leprecoin Kill 200
Uber Hammer Rebuilding 300
Gold under Rainbow Rebuilding 300
Karve that Win Start Line 300
Braid Runes Start Line 300
Ice Bomb Score 250
Odin and his Crows Score 250


Emote Cash
Lucky Coin 200
Happy Fugu 200
Coffin Maker 200
Sad Violin 200


Spray Cash
Happy Loki 60
Winking Loki 60
Playful Loki 60
Surprised Loki 60


We hope you enjoy it. Buy yours now!


Next week new items will be available.

See you in the Arenas! 🤘