A new update will be released on December 11th, with the 7th season of the Metal Pass.

10.12.2019 Scheduled Maintenance and Patch Notes 11/12/2019

  • 10 de December de 2019

Hello, Metal Gladiators

Maintenance is scheduled for December 11, from 10:00 to 15:00 (UTC-0), to apply an update with the contents of the Metal Pass Season 7.

Metal Pass Season 7 – Dawn of Winter

New Rewards

– 7 new Models

– 2 Heavy Metal category

– 1 Metal Legend category

– 4 Rockstar category

– 10 new Emotes

– 10 new Sprays

– 4 new Score Effects

– 2 new Start Line Effects

– 5 new Rebuilding Effects

– 1 new Kill Effect

– 1 Machine


– The mission difficulty was balanced to provide a better progression feeling, with easier missions on the first levels and harder missions on the last levels.

Metal God Arena

– A new Dawn of Winter theme was applied and it will be active for the season duration.


Store Update

New items will be added to the Store:


– Sad Violin

– Wasted!!!

Score Effect

– Snowpunk

Rebuilding Effect

– Respawnzzer


Ranked Mode

Season 1 Rewards

– The season 1 rewards will be delivered for all players who reached each division.

Season 2

– The season 2 begins after the maintenance on December 11th.

– As part of the new season start process, the current Division for all players will reset to the subdivision IV of each Division. However, all players will have to play the 10 calibration matches again within their current Division before confirming the position on season 2, which may vary according to the performance on these 10 matches. Until then, the Division won’t appear in your profile.

– For example, a player ranked in the Gold I Division during Season 1 will have its Division reset to Gold IV and, after the calibration matches, the position on season 2 may vary from Silver I to Gold II.

– Players ranked in Heavy Metal Division will be placed in Gold IV Division and, after the calibration matches, the position on season 2 may vary from Silver I to Gold II.


– The ranked mode schedule will be adjusted for Saturdays and Sundays.

– All times in the table below are in UTC-0.

PeriodNorth AmericaSouth AmericaEurope
Mon - Fri 16 PM ~ 8 PM4 PM ~ 6 PM12 PM ~ 2 PM
Mon - Fri 210 PM ~ 01 AM10 PM ~ 01 AM4 PM ~ 7 PM
Sat - Sun9 PM ~ 3 AM6 PM ~ 12 AM3 PM ~ 9 PM

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Heavy Metal Machines Team