Scheduled Maintenance and Patch Notes 02/06/2020

  • 01 / 06 / 2020

Hello, Metal Gladiators

Maintenance is scheduled for June 2nd, from 12:00 to 16:00 (UTC+1), to apply an update that brings important changes to the Bomb Passing mechanic, Machine balance tweaks for Artificer and Vulture, Metal League Pro changes and Bug Fixes.

Version: 9.00.82

Bomb Passing Mechanic

The bomb passing mechanic has been updated, aiming to make it a more fluid gameplay experience, and also providing more strategic options to pass the bomb and gain advantages in either casual or competitive matches. Here are the changes:

Bomb Pass
  • The physics of the bomb have been updated, allowing it to maintain a higher speed for a longer time when it’s launched (either by pressing or holding the space bar).
  • The change is also applied when the bomb gets hit by other projectiles, and transporting may feel slightly different.
Bomb Fight
  • The slow-motion effect has been removed when a Bomb Fight happens in a match.
  • The camera will no longer move towards the Bomb Fight.


Machine Balance
  • Maximum HP reduced from 550 to 450.
  • Special Energy Gain reduced by 25% for all Weapons.
  • Maximum HP reduced from 550 to 500.
Special Weapon
  • Maximum number of stacked blades reduced from 20 to 15.


Metal League Pro

The minimum criteria required to compete in the Metal League Pro, starting from the upcoming Season, will change as follows:

  • Accounts with more than 500 Victories achieved OR;
  • Accounts with more than 2000 points in the Ranked Mode (Gold V Division).

Any Team that has at least one player that meets one of the topics listed above is eligible to compete on the Metal League Pro. To compete in the Metal League Beginner, all Team members must not meet those criteria when registering in the Tournament.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug with the reward Models from the last Ranked Mode Season. These Models were appearing slightly bigger than the other Models.
  • Fixed a bug that caused all of Vulture’s Models to display the Special Weapon ready animation, and the Blade’s visual effects from the Heavy Metal category Model “Long Arm Of The Law”.
Killer J.
  • Fixed a text issue in the Weapon 2 description for Turkish and French languages.


  • Some skin Models and Emotes had their names updated with a suffix, for better identification among other items.

To share your feedback, please post in our Discord or the General Discussion forum.

Heavy Metal Machines Team