Now it’s WAY easier to find someone to form a team!

  • 10 de February de 2020

We are aware that it is not so simple to assemble a team, but now YOUR PROBLEMS ARE OVER! Hehehe, jokes aside, we created a tool that will greatly facilitate the “match” between players and teams: the Teammates Finder, or as we call it internally, the “Teamder” (got the reference?).


Teamder will help you find other players to complete your team or form a new team. You can also use Teamder to join other teams already created and even find someone to play with, with no obligation to create a team.


Come with me and learn how to use it:

  1. Teamder can be accessed from two points:

           – Within the team creation page

           – Within the Metal League area

2. Then you just have to create your profile. Tell us your preferred role, which server you play on, what languages you speak, and most importantly: your email and Discord, for contact. Why is this so important? Because then players will be able to contact you! So put the email you use the most to make it easier!

3. On the next page you will add what you are looking for: it works as an ad, so in the “Display title” create a title that says exactly what you are looking for. Example:

    1. Team seeks Support or Interceptor
    2. Interceptor seeks team for Metal League
    3. Beginner seeks partnership to practice HMM

In the “Description” field, describe with more details what you are looking for, you can talk about what time you prefer to play, if you are a beginner or veteran, or if your team needs one or more players … And then select which roles you are looking for (there is also the option “Any/Not Sure”).

4. Confirm your profile.

5. Done! Your profile is now published and available for other teams and players to find you.


6. But the fun doesn’t stop there! After your profile is completed, Teamder will show you a list of players who are also looking for someone and who matches your profile. As this list changes every day, don’t forget to always access Teamder to see your matches. On this screen, you’ll view profiles recommended to you, according to what you are looking for. If you don’t have any recommended profiles, you can change the listing to see all the published profiles. Click on those profiles that interest you, and contact the player by the email or Discord provided.

The PlayerTag (that little number that identifies your account, you know?) will also appear on the list and on the player’s profile.

Then you can copy the number (without the hashtag) and paste it into the field of adding friends within the game! 😉

Important! At any time, you can edit or disable your profile. You can also reactivate it at any time, no problem. Just click on “Edit” and make the adjustments, or click on “Disable profile” when you are in the editing screen.

Cool, right?

Don’t forget to always access Teamder to see if there are any new matches, and check your email and Discord to answer the players who contact you.


If you have any questions, you can contact us on our social networks or through our official Discord, and we will help you!


Good luck finding a wonderful partnership, and we’ll see you in the Arenas! /,,/