Metallophobia 2020 – Check what’s going on!

  • 15 / 10 / 2020

Hello Metal Gladiators!

Our Metallophobia Event has started, but there is still a lot to come!

The 4 Heavy Metal Models below are already available in the game Store:

  • Artificer – 71st Witchcraft
  • Black Lotus – Curse of the Neferten
  • Little Monster – It’s Alive
  • Rampage – Arachnophobia

From October 21st, more thematic items arrive at the Store:

Heavy Metal Models

  • Dirt Devil – Dirt Demon – Winner of HMM Awards!
  • Photon – Vampire Countess – Winner of HMM Awards!


  • Kiss Kiss Goodbye
  • Mischievous Laughter
  • Rage-o’-lantern

Kill Effects

  • Pumpkill
  • Guano with the wind

Start Line Effect

  • Spooky Dash

Rebuild Effect

  • Smashing Pumpkin

Score Effect

  • Pumpkin Harvest


And from October 28th, the Store receives NEW ITEMS, Metallophobia 2020 exclusives:

  • Heavy Metal Model: Metal Herald – Twisted Herald
  • Emote: Spooky Jack
  • Rebuild Effect: Deal Me In
  • Score Effect: Evil Clown Herald

Alongside with an AMAZING OFFER: buy these four items and win two themed Portraits. One of them is brand new for Metallophobia 2020!

This offer starts on October 28th and ends on November 8th. We will deliver the Portraits to your account by November 9th.



We will have XP bonuses for the next three weekends!

  • Days 17 and 18/10: 50% XP Bonus
  • Days 24 and 25/10: 100% XP Bonus
  • 10/31 and 11/1: 150% XP Bonus

The bonus is only valid for XP earned in matches and not for Metal Pass missions. The bonus does not apply to Custom Matches.


So, did you like it?

See you in the Arenas!