Metal League

  • 01 / 06 / 2020

The Metal League is Heavy Metal Machines’ Official Online Tournament, which takes place every Metal Pass Season and rewards the best teams!

It’s divided into two divisions: PRO and BEGINNER

The Metal League Pro has cash prizes, and is played by veteran teams. There is a defined set of minimum participation requirements in the game to be considered Pro.

The Metal League Beginner is open to all teams that don’t qualify for the Pro division, and the rewards are in-game items. It’s a great opportunity to try out competitive play and receive some cool items in-game as a reward!

– Free Registration
– Simultaneous tournaments in multiple servers
– Happens every Saturday

The next Season starts on July 4th

Metal League 9 will take place on the South American and European servers, with a total prize pool of 5,000 Euros!

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