JINGLE HELLS! Christmas items are available (for a limited time)!

  • 08 / 12 / 2020

Hello Metal Gladiators!

We’re already in the mood for Christmas! Jingle Hells, the Heavy Metal Machines Christmas event of 2020 arrived and brought several themed items to the Store, available only from December 8th to 28th.



In addition to the already known items, there are 4 new ones, including 1 Heavy Metal Model, 2 Effects and 1 Emote! And there’s more: buy the Killer J., Krampus J. Heavy Metal Model and get an exclusive Portrait (the Portrait will be delivered within 7 days after purchase)!


Type Name Price with Cash Price with Fame
Heavy Metal Model Vulture – The Reindeer Machine 1.450
NEW! Killer J. – Krampus J. 1450
Kill Effect Krampus’ Punishment 200 1.600
Rebuilding Effect Sound the Holiday Bells! 300 2.400
NEW! Krampus is Here 300
Score Effect Holiday Miracle 250
NEW! Krampus Strikes Again 250
Start Line Effect Santa’s Run 300
Emote Breaking Balls! 200
Santa Means Business 200
A Gift from Krampus 200
A Gift from Santa 200
NEW! Jingle Hells 200


Buy them all now!


And during the month more surprises may appear… Stay tuned to our social media:





See you in the Arenas!