Heavy Metal Machines – Coming to Consoles on February 23

  • 16 / 02 / 2021

Hello Metal Gladiators,


We are thrilled to announce that Heavy Metal Machines will be coming to consoles on February 23rd, 2021! 🤩🎮




The game will be available to play on PS4 and Xbox One, and compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Players will be able to team up with friends on any platform through cross-platform multiplayer and battle each other in post-apocalyptic Arenas controlling a growing selection of vehicles and weapons.


Heavy Metal Machines will continue to be Free-to-Play on consoles. Players from PlayStation® won’t need a PS+ subscription to play the game, while on Xbox, a Gold subscription is required (but it will change soon!). Gamers from the two platforms may get a free Battle Pass Pack DLC until March 8th – this pack includes the latest Metal Pass Premium season, Machines, and other items.


On the same day we’ll be releasing some major gameplay updates on the game, besides the new season of the Metal Pass. And also, to celebrate the launch, on Feb/23, we will have a special live stream at our Youtube and Twitch, with a lot of gameplay, new videos, giveaways and special guests! We’ll be waiting for you!!


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See you in the Arenas! 🤘