Falkon Storm talks about their victory in the University League 2019

  • 16 de January de 2020

We talked with Chibisuke, the captain of Falkon Storm, from UFABC (Sao Paulo – Brazil),  the champion team of the University League, Elite Division 2019, to learn more about their path, strategies, and tips to become a champion.



  • First, congrats for your amazing victory in the final of University League. How did you find out about game and decided to participate in the league? 


Someone from the organization of TUES talked about the game with the internal people of Storm, and told us that there would be a championship for the game, we started to play and became fond of its competitive features, and now here we are.


  • In the matches between you guys and USP Rumerus, in the fourth round, you scored only one goal, and they dominated the matches often. What was your mindset entering the final match? 


Well, in the game against the USP Rumerus, in the points phase, we thought our level was enough to play through the championship. Obviously, we were wrong, and after our loss, we all started going harder in our training and thinking more about compositions. About the final, we handled USP by studying them and knowing what they were going to do, we were not afraid because we knew we could win. 


  • The fact that USP Rumerus was undefeated until this round of the championship intimidated you in any way?  How did you handle that? 


Well, basically from ranked matches and from a study of their game, we had a notion that we could win the final if everyone played as expected,  and what counts in the final is the playoffs, so it didn’t matter if we qualified in first or in fourth, the important is to show your game in the Playoffs.



  • The Black Lotus used by your team impressed everyone. Until that moment, you had only used this pilot two times in the competition. What lead you to choose this transporter to a match with so much at stake?


In the case of Black Lotus, in our vision in the meta she is the best transporter at the moment, so I just need time to practice and have this pick option, and in the playoffs day, I (Chibisuke) was already comfortable with the pilot, and as it was available in every draft, there’s no reason to let the opportunity pass by.


  • The composition made by you always included a transporter and a support. We know that some teams use only interceptors in a composition. For which reason you decided not to use a comp like this?


We had some picks in our sleeves for the playoffs. Because of the patch, we included Artificer, because no one knows how to deal with the new Artificer. When they banned her, we did our classic combo of Black Lotus and Stargazer, and in some drafts we ended up solving it with 3 interceptors.


  •   Will we see Falkol Storm in the next University League? What are your expectations for the next championship? 


We absolutely intend to participate to try,who knows, a second championship, so we have so much expectations for the next League.


  • Do you have any messages and tips to give to teams that are starting to play Heavy Metal Machines?


I think the tip is to play a lot and try to learn a lot from who knows how to play the game, try to find a pilot that you think is fun and learn how to play with them, and always try to access the Official Discord and join customs matches, this helps a lot too.


And that’s it, thank you all and we’ll see you in the Arena!