Esports Weekly News: Metal League X results with detailed STATS!

  • 18 / 12 / 2020

Hello Metal Gladiators!

This week we had the Grand Final of Metal League X – South America, and now we know the great champion team. Check out the results:
3rd Place Dispute: Rumerus Chinela 3×0 Rumerus Bala
Final: Rock N Roll 3×1 Hati Blue

Congratulations to the Rock N Roll folks for the competition title! 👏👏👏

Also, we gathered for you some interesting statistics from the regular season:

Character statistics:

1st Place: Foca (RMSX) – 28 goals
2nd Place: Xublembs (HBES) – 19 goals
3rd Place: Penha (ROCK) – 16 goals

Total bomb possession
1st Place: Seal (RMSX) – 3.688 seconds
2nd Place: Moon (ROFY) – 3.254 seconds
3rd Place: Xublembs (HBES) – 2.831 seconds

Total damage
1st Place: RickyLIKE (RMS) – 312,909
2nd Place: MajorGrey (RMSX) – 252,026
3rd Place: Beraldex (F4C4) – 236,827

Damage per minute
1st Place: Deiv0 (HBES) – 1,841
2nd Place: Beraldex (F4C4) – 1,751
3rd Place: MajorGrey (RMSX) – 1,677

Total Repair
1st Place: Wiinter (ROFY) – 286,510
2nd Place: Fairy (F4C4) – 286.191
3rd Place: PuppZ (RMS) – 213,324

Repair per minute
1st Place: Wiinter (ROFY) – 1,865
2nd Place: Fairy (F4C4) – 1,828
3rd Place: Birikita (ROCK) – 1,459

Total Kills
1st Place: RickyLIKE (RMS) – 180 kills
2nd Place: MajorGrey (RMSX) – 145 kills
3rd Place: Netto (ROCK) – 139 kills

Total assists
1st Place: Redbob (ROCK) – 166 assists
2nd Place: Aool (ROCK) – 131 assists
3rd Place: Foca (RMSX) – 126 assists

Best KDA (kills and assists / death)
1st Place: Aool (ROCK) – 6.84
2nd Place: Redbob (ROCK) – 5.83
3rd Place: Deiv0 (HBES) – 5.25

For more information about Metal League X – South America, just check out the official Tournament site.

Also, the Colosseum, our new weekly Tournament, which takes place every Sunday at HMM, is still going on. Players of all levels can participate and all matches grant double the Fame. The winners of the Beginner division earn additional Fame, whereas the winners of the Veteran division also win an exclusive Prestige Badge. Click here to learn more about the Colosseum.

See you in the Arena!