Esports Weekly News: METAL LEAGUE 9 has just begun, join the Tournament!

  • 08 / 07 / 2020

Hail, Metal Gladiators!

Metal League 9 has just begun and you still have plenty of chances to win! The sooner you join, the better prepared your team will be! And you also will be qualified for the Weekly Giveaway!

With the Beginner and Pro Leagues, no matter your level in the game, you’ll join a fair competition. The next Stage is still a qualifier for both divisions, and will happen Saturday, July 11th, from 14h to 17h GMT +1 on the European server and from 17h to 20h GMT +1 on the South American server, and you can play on both servers!

In this post you’ll find everything you need to know about this edition of the Metal League.


So far, these are the Top 3 in each Metal League Division: 

Metal League PRO

Europe top 3: Skade (1946 points), ZXC123 (1897 points), M.S.Anarchists (1715 points).

South America top 3: Roadkill (2238 points), Rumerus Faca (2058 points), Hati Blue (1986 points).

Metal League Beginner

Europe top 3: Heavy Metal M8s (1715 points), Team*InsolenCe (1157 points), Little Bois (900 points)

South America top 3: Malware (2206 points), Exodia Traders (1562 points) and BlackFenix (1524 points)


Last week we also had the Metal Carnage Cup #5, and here are the winners:

1- ZXC

2- Neon Knights

3- M.S.Anarchists

Congratulations everyone!


So, if you don’t have a team yet, don’t worry, go to the Teammates Finder to find players that want to join the League just like you!

You’re already a member of our Discord server, right? If not – what are you waiting for? The Community is full of great people who’ll help you on your competitive journey in HMM!