Another contest has arrived!

  • 23 / 07 / 2020

Another contest has arrived! This is your turn to show how to play for real! Take part in the HMM GOAL TUTORIAL CONTEST! Make a video teaching one or more ways to score a goal to compete for prizes:
1st Place: Heavy Metal Model (available in-store)
2nd Place: Metal Legend Model (available in-store)
3rd Place: Rockstar Model (available in-store)

The tutorials will be evaluated according to the following criteria: originality of the move and clarity of the information. You may record the video in any language supported by the game.
Everyone can participate, just upload the video on Youtube or another streaming platform and send the link to the email

Submit your video by August 7th, and the result will be released on August 14th!
By participating, you give us the right to publish your video on our social networks.