Know the roles of each Machine and choose your favorite!

  • 30 / 10 / 2020

Hello Metal Gladiator!


The battles in the Heavy Metal Machines Arenas are fierce and require a lot of skill, but don’t worry. You can quickly discover your style and with which Machine you identify the most!


For a balanced battle, there are three main roles in the Arenas: the Transporters, which are those Machines with specific weapons to help carry the Bomb to its final destination: the goal on the enemy track. The Interceptors are Machines specialized in damage and sabotage to steal the enemy team’s Bomb and get all opponents out of the way, and the Supports have weapons designed for healing and shield, with the main objective of helping the allied team.


If you are new to Metal City, how about testing all the Machines and choosing your favorite?

Here you can learn all the details of each weapon and how to use it. In the game, they are available in a rotation system, but take the opportunity to buy them at the store and pilot them whenever you want!


Currently, they are all priced at 1100 Fame or 350 Cash.


Use the Training Mode to test the Machines and the Transporter, Interceptor and Support roles, or play some Casual Matches and practice with other players. So, when you’re ready, try to participate in Ranked Mode or a Community Tournament.


If you want to meet a friendly crowd, who is also an HMM fan, join our Discord server. There everybody is very receptive, and our Community Managers will help you with any questions that arise!


See you in the Arenas!