To our esteemed Heavy Metal Machines Community

  • 22 / 07 / 2021

To our esteemed Heavy Metal Machines Community,

It is with a heavy heart and at the same time with a huge feeling of gratitude to our Community that we announce that Heavy Metal Machines will no longer have content updates such as Arenas, Characters, and other features. Tournaments such as Metal League and Metal Clash will also be discontinued.

Heavy Metal Machines is a big project that has brought us many challenges and pride throughout its development since 2015. But every game has a cycle, and after six years of entire focus, the HMM development cycle has reached its end. Throughout our journey, we brought many gameplay improvements, visual redesign, new Arenas and Characters, Metal Pass, Training Mode, moved from Leaderboard to Ranked Mode, created the Teammates Finder feature, launched the Metal League, Metal Clash, Colosseum, in addition to all publishing initiatives, culminating with the release for consoles earlier this year, where we reached a record volume of players, improving matchmaking and bringing us much joy.

Heavy Metal Machines servers will continue to operate normally. We will also have the release of Metal Passes, Ranked Mode Seasons, Colosseum, as well as support for Community Tournaments.

We want to extend a big THANK YOU to all Metal Gladiators who support Heavy Metal Machines on a daily basis. Your dedication made it much harder for us to move forward with this decision. We sincerely appreciate the involvement and love you show for the game.

Finally, we thank our amazing team, who, through hard work and talent, have produced a game as unique as HMM. As for the future, the Hoplon team will concentrate efforts on other projects that are yet to be announced.

Thank you very much!




Will servers still be available?

Yes. Official servers will still be up for the foreseeable future.

Is Heavy Metal Machines being removed from Steam, MyGames, Xbox or PlayStation Stores?

No. Heavy Metal Machines will continue to be available to anyone for free until the foreseeable future.

Will Heavy Metal Machines have any more updates?

Yes! We will continue releasing Metal Passes and Ranked Mode content.


Will there be any future Tournaments? 

There will be no more Tournaments such as Metal League or Metal Clash organized by Hoplon. We will continue to support Community Tournaments created by players.

Will Hoplon sell the Heavy Metal Machines IP?

We are not offering the IP for sale. 


Will the Heavy Metal Machines Discord stay open? 

We will continue to keep our Discord open for the Community to use for the foreseeable future.


Will the social media platforms for HMM remain active? 

We will not deactivate any of the HMM social media.


What is Hoplon working on now?

We have a few new projects in the works that will be announced in the near future.