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Guest Harkness

Patch Notes Killer J - 13/02/2017

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Guest Harkness


New Machine: Killer J

  • Full Character Page: http://www.heavymetalmachines.com/site/killerj/
  • Weapon 1 - Round-a-Blast: Shoots projectiles forward that deal 10 damage per projectile and forces the enemies' vehicles to turn.
  • Weapon 2 - Friendly Rockets: Shoots a frontal missile. When it hits, it deals 75 damage and accelerates the enemy while locking his direction. Deals 25 area damage when the effects ends.
  • Special Weapon - The Big Joke: Launches an area-exploding barrel forward. Enemies hit spin out of control and take 50 damage per second for 3 seconds.
  • Advantage - A Compliment: Killer J reflects 50% of all damage taken back to his attackers - this has a 3 seconds cooldown.

Gameplay Changes

  • We changed how the Cooldown Reduction mechanic works, upgrades that reduce cooldown now do that for a period of time, instead of instantaneously. It works pretty much like a buff that accelerates your cooldown by the same duration that the buff stays on, so a one second reduction will reduce one second of the cooldown over one second, and not instantaneously.
  • We've added a new server. Asia now has it's own place to play HMM!
  • All items in the store can now be purchased with CASH.
  • CASH is now sold for all the currencies accepted by Steam directly in the game store.
  • Killer J has not been added to the Free Rotation and must be purchased with Fame or Cash before being played.
  • Two new items have been added to the store:
    • Fame Boost: Doubles your fame gain in all your matches while the boost is active.
    • XP Boost: Doubles your XP gains in all your matches while the boost is active.




  • Weapon 1, Upgrade - Ancestral Emissary: Now reduces the cooldown of Road Wraiths by 1 second over 1 second.


  • Weapon 1, Upgrade - Wreckage Master: Now reduces the cooldown of Demolition Engine by 1 second over 1 second.


  • Weapon 1, Upgrade - Tow charger: Now reduces the cooldown of Thunder Tow by 1 second over 1 second.

Full Metal Judge

  • Weapon 1, Upgrade - Warning shot: Now reduces the cooldown of Blockade Breach by 0,2 seconds over 0,2 seconds.

Dirt Devil

  • Weapon 1, Upgrade - King of the Dunes: Now reduces the cooldown of Devil's Harpoon by 0,2 seconds over 0,2 second.


Server Problems

  • We have deployed the fix for the issues the European server was facing during the Weekend, that should not happen again.
  • We have greatly improved the connection code so that players will not get disconnected from the match due to minor internet/connection issues. This should make the game more stable for everyone.

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Couple things regarding this update. 


*It seems the crashing has worsened  since the update. At least once every 2 games now.  Not sure if this is due to the rush of players playing currently? 

*Could you further explain thoughts around making the Balance change? 

*I find this character clever and very fun to play with so far! Can't wait to see more. 


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