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List of Important Bugfixes coming in May!

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Hello, Metal Gladiators!

We wanted to share more information with you regarding bugfixes. We have a list of the most important bugs that we will be working on. We plan to have them fixed in the middle of May. Here’s the list of priority fixes that we plan to deliver by said date:

  1. Rampage’s weapon 3 with inconsistent behavior
  2. Black Lotus’ super dash
  3. Black Lotus’ weapon 2 not canceling the opponent’s “out of combat”
  4. Camera during respawn
  5. Icebringer becoming immune to pushes while using his weapon 3
  6. Clunker’s hook dealing damage but not pulling
  7. Wildfire’s passive triggering even when hitting a barrier
  8. Invulnerability not protecting “out of combat” status
  9. GFX stuck to the arena and characters
  10. Clunker’s hook return looking messy
  11. Dirt Devil’s weapon 3 inconsistent behavior
  12. Bomb disputes with inconsistent behavior

If you have any questions, feel free to talk to me or any of our Community Managers.
To report a bug, you can always head to http://www.heavymetalmachines.com/support/.

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