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Guide on Full Metal Judge

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In this guide i will be teaching you the ways of Full Metal Judge.

Full Meatl Judge is a "Transporter" class varient in HMM, his ablilitys include..

Passive: Relentless Chaser

Relentless Chaser allows Full Metal Judge to gain cooldown reduction and a faster fire rate on his abilitys.

Q Ability: Missile Gun

Full Metal Judges Q allows him to fire missiles out from his car, these missiles can bounce of walls allowing Full Metal Judge to aim and calculate the right trajectory to hit his opponents.

W Ability; Blockade Breach

Blockade Breach allows Full Metal Judge to dash forward, dealing an amount of damage to his opponents, while also giving him push resistence.

R Ability: Iron Storm

Iron Storm is a buffed Missile Gun Ability, where it allows Full Metal Judge to fire off multiple missiles at once.

Basic Tips And Tricks that can be preformed by Full Metal Judge.

Personally I always postiton myself at the front of the four starting postions, if Full Metal Judge is able to get a brilliant start with the boost in the green, as soon as you leave the start line, press your W key then your E key straight after and B-Line to the bomb in the center of the map.

If done correctly you should have possetion on the bomb and be able to gain a lead on the enemy team.

Use his W Ability to gain speed and distance over the enemy, even though it is meant for damage it dosent hurt to use it to gain distance from you and the enemy, using your E combined with your W with give you a huge boost allowing you to gain even more distance from your enemys.

Thank you for your time viewing my guide on how to play Full Metal Judge.

if you find the guide helpful please upvote it, if you think its worthy of one.

See you out there.


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