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Upgrade suggestion

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We need upgrades

What I missed the most about this game is the ability to upgrade a car during the game.

Usually this aspect in moba give the oportunity plan and build some cool stuff, it help people appropriate the game by giving them actual choices.

So, in case there is some plan to put them back in any form, here is an example of upgrade function that would be fun. If any dev read it and find something usefull, I'd be glad.

First here are the guideline of this enhancement :

- player should have choices

- it should be impossible to take every upgrades

- the upgrade system should stay simple

- upgrades shouldn't permit to override the classes (you shouldn't make an interceptor tanky enough to became a good transporter). The best would be that upgrades specialise the car instead of making it good everywhere.

- It shouldn't be possible to get more movespeed before the first bomb is taken (this is for balance purpose, I take 30 seconde as a placeholder in my examples)

- upgrades shouldn't be taken during the actual game, so player focus on the game only.



  • Players start the game without any upgrade.
  • When a team score, each player gain 5 to 10 seconde during replay and the game starting to choose 1 between the 4+3 (I'll come to this after) perks available. This way there is only a few upgrades available (simple) and players have to choose a perk only during "pause time".
  • Player can have 2 to 4 perks activated at the end of the game, so most of the time they can choose only half of what's available.


4+3 perks : the idea is simple

For each car there is 1 perks by skill.
And there is 3 perks common to everyone.
So after a few game new players have to remember only a few perks for their car.
Thoses perks should be little upgrade that specialise the car. 

Common perks example

For the common ones here is what I have think of (of course the values are here only to give hint of what it look like): 

1 : Your car get 10% more life

2: After 30 second, your car get 10% more max speed.

3 : Your car get priority during bomb fight. 
(the last one means that if you are in a bombfight and you are the only one in the fight with this perk, you gain the bomb)
(this one is very powerfull, but if dont manage to be involved in bomb fight it's useless AND the more people take it, the fewer usefull it gets)

Special perks example 

The special perks should be linked to abilities and should have different goal.
Example for Wildfire there could be two kind of perk : dealing more damage AND/OR
hitting more people

1 - flamming sphere throw 2 fire balls in a small cone, each fire ball deal 60% of base dammage. Both fire ball can hit the same target.
This perk make it easy to hit a target but it get less dammage. It should be possible to hit with both, but really hard.

2 - Blast of fire cd is reduced by 1 sec.
(This one help hitting more people and deal more dammage on the entire game)

3 - Volcanic road deal 30% more damage par seconde
(simple and usefull)

4 - During Helfire you get 20% more move speed.
(this one help you, stick to the enemy you are trying to blast)

This is a simple example, that I make with the intention of being very straightforward, but it's a little underhelming in the current state, perks could enhance every ability more than this with more time to think about it.

Thanks for reading all of this, I hope you like the global idea !

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Thanks for your answer on both discussions.

I post it on steam before discorering that you have a dedicated forum for this.

I'll post here my other suggestions.

Unfortunetly I don't have much free time, so I prefer actually play the game than speaking about it. That's why I don't think I'll come to the discord.

But I can read and post on the forum during my lunch time or when I have to recompile all of my code, wich is nice.

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