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A very quick analysis of Stargazer

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She needs a good team. Trust me, you will not stand a chance being a lone ranger.

The weapons are not subject to obstacles blocking its path. This means that taking cover is basically worthless, and dodging very tedious, which puts machines like Black Lotus and Full Metal Judge in a crisis when against her.

Stargazer is a weak machine, and relies on allied individuals to enhance her survival. Machines that specialize on taking out individuals are the best at this, so Stingray is her bane. Rampage can be an option, but the teleportation of hers and Rampage's slow recovery proves it to be ineffective. going against her with big machines gives her a huge hitbox to leech healing and entangling points off of them. smaller machines have it rough as well, given that her arsenal is perfect for taking the easy pickings. This leaves middle class machines. The best follow with Stingray and Wildfire, as their extreme payload (they are ultimately damage king and queen respectively) can resolve her when she can't warp yet, or that it follows her (wildfire's passive), forbidding quick recovery. Evidence has shown that you cannot warp away when affected by the magnet, and we all know that clunker's magnet will take away anything that it holds. Dirt Devil Killer J and Windrider are all dodgeable from the warp and the fact that the car is small. Artificer and Photon does not have a strong enough damage arsenal to deal with her quickly enough. Meanwhile, Metal Herald is probably the most effectve, given that he can deal 200 damage every 3.5 seconds or so, good at tearing apart any machine, even the toughest of them all.

TL;DR the best choices against Stargazer are Stingray, Wildfire (this one may be a bit of a mix), Clunker and Metal Herald. Rampage and Killer J are too slow, Windrider and Dirt Devil have easy-to-dodge attacks, the rest have too little health or are too big, which makes them Ultimate fodder.

I think that she may receive a nerf in the future, but we have yet to see two teams that can verse each other while knowing their friends and machines like the back of their hand. She's not exactly significant herself, because it's the allies that make her so strong. She is the true embodiment of a support character, and is definitely worthy of requiring 10000 fame to get.

We've been having a lot of "absolute single role" characters lately... I wonder what the 16th machine could be...

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