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Name unknown (hey, im not a good namer, and i couldn't think of a good name for the machine)

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100 Health, 450 Armor, Heavy, Medium Size, Slightly lesser mobility.
Passive: Creates a Barrier of 300 Health around the machine that allies can pass through, but walls off enemies and their projectiles. (Nonagon shape that’s slightly shorter ranged than the thunder dome, making it still possible to go around them even when directly in the middle of the path, each edge having its own 300 Health.) Recovers health at 60 per second. Enemy Trail effects do mot affect the walls, but stop regeneration.The bomb can go through these walls, if they are encircling the enemy. Destroyed walls are reactivated by weapon 2. If the machine dies, any remaining walls stay put until destroyed. Can be healed or armor buffed by each segment affected by such weapons. Walls rotate 60° per second.
Weapon 1: Charged weapon: Sacrifice X% of armor for X% the weapon is charged up, to fire a boulder of pure sect energy that deals damage equal to the armor expended. High range, ricochets off walls and machines if it hits any, at the price of dealing half the damage to the next hit victim. Can ricochet 3 times. 4.5 second cooldown. Low velocity weapon, slight knockback. Gives 50 armor to the machine for each enemy hit.
Weapon 2: Sacrifices 125 health to restore all walls by the health sacrificed. They can die from this move. This also revives fallen walls, though at the expense of 25 more health each. 1 second cooldown.
Weapon 3: the front two or 3 walls of the machine implode, dealing 75 damage to nearby enemies and the machine itself, which helps them boost forward. Any enemies they collide with take 100 damage and are pushed forward with the machine, even if they outweigh them, as they gain 200 armor for hitting an enemy (does not multiply for multiple enemies). 6 second cooldown. The opening has the machine itself covering it, as the barrier tries to follow with the machine.
Ultimate: Relocates their entire barrier around the cursor (the radius of the barrier increases as well), including damaged parts and destroyed holes. Deals 100 damage to those that stood at where the barrier rises (and gets pushed inside). Any enemies inside the barrier are ultimately stuck inside, until they can break free. The obstacles last for up to 30 seconds. There is up to 2 seconds where the machine has no cover whatsoever, relocating and reviving their barrier.

Ideal Use: This machine excels at self defense. While being able to wall of enemies, they can also keep them at bay with their q and e, which helps in confined spaces. His Ultimate can completely shut down the support of enemy to enemy, and block the way of the bomb carrier.

Weaknesses: They need Metal Herald. Their Q demands for armor, and also the health sacrifices in all of their basic arsenal. One can easily go completely broke with his abilities, dying way too much. If they’re open, one could get inside, and can attack them directly, where they cant counterattack them well, if at all. Weapons that can hit multiple targets are very dangerous to them, as they could ignore the frontier almost entirely, rendering them close to death constantly.


Lore: None yet; my brain hurts trying to make this... so yeah, your call. I was thinking of something tied to the sect, of an orthodox worker that got summoned to HMM by them. Something between a mix of a sect promotion and punishment.

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