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New support but no name

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Passive Increase the healing action to allies by 5% for every miss health of the new support.

Q : shots wraps what follow allies to heal and enemies to damage ,cooldown ( 1 second ) Heal per wrap ( 89 ) Damage per wrap ( 23 ) !!! NOT SKILLSHOT ABILITY !!! Medium range



W : all allies nearby to him have boost speed for 2-3 seconds ( even him ) Cooldown: ( 6 seconds ) Range: medium to small Boost speed: 10%-20%



E: shots a wrath space ball where the cursor is what forces nearby machines it to get into it and been damaged per second Duration : 3 Cooldown: 11 Range : small Damage : 50 per second


R: calls his little 4 ships / drones what one every Drone follow the machine ( even him) and keep repair it for 7 second Range : all the map Heal: 100 per second

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