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Patch Notes beta. - 07/05/2018

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In this update, we are releasing the last character missing in the line-up: Rampage. The store is also back in its full shape. Let’s check it out:



  • Weapon 1 - Minimum Wage
    • Smashes and pushes back the opponents
      • Damage: 150
      • Critical Hit: 250
      • Cooldown: 2,25 s


  • Weapon 2 - Harassment
    • The bulldozer hits the ground and opens a gap that damages the enemies
      • Damage: 200
      • Cooldown: 10,75 s


  • Weapon 3 - Traffic Jam
    • Accelerates and smashes opponents against the walls
      • Damage (against walls): 200
      • Damage per second: 50
      • Cooldown: 6,75 s


  • Special Weapon - Saturday Shift
    • Charges a big hit with the bulldozer’s shovel and deals damage around it.
      • Critical Hit: 400
      • Damage: 20


  • Passive Weapon - Anger Management
    • While the shovel is down, all the damage dealt on it are reduced. It works like a shield.




  • Added the option menu the ping indicator switch. This tool will help you to see what is your latency during any match.
  • To improve the visual feedback, it was added a background color on the HP bar. It follows the color of the team (Blue or Red)
  • The bomb now can bounce back when hit the wall.
  • All the remaining skins (Rockstar and Metal Legend) are back into the store.
  • Wildfire and Stingray (previously presented with a new visual (for their basic model) have received visual update to all the skins:




  • Windrider basic model has received new visual assets:


  • Audio improvements for Full Metal Judge
  • Visual improvements on the interface of the group/party session
  • Added a highlight and new icon for the Cash button

Dev Notes:

“Since the beginning of the Combat Test, we did several tests on the physics of the game and its behavior, so we are going to keep working hard to always deliver the best experience to the players. In order to implement Rampage’s weapon 3, we did some changes in this version and we will continue to work on it after this release. We ask the patience and help for all the players to report behaviors that are different or not coherent.

The affected points:

  • Every weapon that involves acceleration (usually the weapon 3).
  • Every weapon that pushes the opponents
  • The treadmills on Cursed Necropolis
  • The collision and moving of the machines”


  • Black Lotus
    • Weapon 3
      • The machines is no more controllable when using this weapon.
  • Clunker
    • General
      • Added a disruption meter to Clunker’s weapons
    • Weapon 2
      • Increased the initial damage from 100 to 200.
      • Removed the final damage
  • Dirt Devil
    • Weapon 3
      • Increased the initial damage from 100 to 200
      • Removed the continuous damage.
  • Full Metal Judge
    • Weapon 1
      • Decreased the gain of shield per shot from 60 to 50
      • Decreased the gain of charge to the special weapon in 15%
    • Weapon 2
      • The shield received in the defensive mode has been reduced in 33%.
      • In the offensive mode, the self damage has been reduced in 25%
    • Weapon 3
      • The shield for using this weapon has been removed
      • Added the gain of shield when hitting the enemies
  • Little Monster
    • Weapon 2 and Special
      • The warm-up has been removed

Known Issues

  • Full Metal Judge receives shield even when hitting Rampage’s lift
  • Photon’s weapon 1 cross through Rampage’s lift
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I would be in your place, the place of the developers before changing the model of the characters first would offer the community a concept of an art of new models and voting with the help of which it was possible to identify the model that the community liked best and not spontaneously change models and skins to machines! (I'd like to play on the old wind rider model since I liked it more)

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