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Patch Notes beta. – 17/04/2018

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New Arena: Cursed Necropolis

The story behind the new Arena is mainly related to Windrider and her tribe. They were living in peace on the tribe fields until the dark day that Full Metal Judge made his foray to eliminate all living beings there.

He was succeeding but was not expecting such strong defensive line, a divine protection called by the tribe ancients: the Divine Serpents.

Even so, Full Metal Judge overcame the defenses… and in a desperate final move, the Serpents called an ancient curse that almost killed FMJ and transformed his life forever. The same curse, however, also reawakened the Windrider spirit!




  • The arena has wider roads which is good for passes and spread out battles.

  • The goals are wider and it is less difficult to score.

  • The arena doesn’t have sharp turns, so the player doesn’t drift around and hold more control of the vehicle.

  • The starting point is closer to the spawn point of the bomb, so the new players don’t run the wrong way in the beginning.






  • The acid works similar to the lava in the other two arenas. Before getting to it, the player will face a blocker and treadmills. The blocker has the same mechanic from the other arenas. The treadmills are a new feature: it slowly pushes the player to the acid. Yet, the wide road gives the player enough space to maneuver and avoid death.

  • The acid deals 600 of damage per second to the players -- which is pretty much “instakill”


Ritual Circle




  • The Ritual Circle is the final obstacle before the goal line. Here, the player can either run over the outer lanes and get sped up or choose the inner lanes and slow down. In one case, you could end up in the Acid. In the other, detained by the enemies.

  • The circle is empty in the center, but there are blockers around it. It serves as a third option to the players that are not carrying the bomb. The circles spins in the counterclockwise way, so when the enemy retrieves the bomb, the there is a shorter and safer way to counter attack.


Bomb Reflectors




  • The Bomb Reflectors work as posts to the goal. If a player throws the bomb and hit of them, it bounces back with spin mode activated. The reflectors main objective is to prevent the bomb from staying still on the dropper and accidentally crosses the goal.


Returning Characters


Black Lotus

  • Weapon 1: Astral Projection

This weapon projects a copy of the Lotus to hit enemies. It decreases the cooldown of the Weapon 2 when successfully performed. The area around the projectile deals damage.

  • Damage: 120

  • Area damage: 40

  • Cooldown: 2,75 seconds

  • “Weapon 2 cooldown” effect: 3 seconds



  • Weapon 2: Karma

The Karma weapon makes Black Lotus invulnerable. All the received damage is block and dealt back in the dealer. Blocking an attack decreases the cooldown of it.

  • Duration: 0,6 of second

  • Cooldown: 10 seconds

  • Reflected damage: 100%

  • Cooldown decrease: 5 seconds


  • PTIXHtkOy2Pq3dv8ZDRl2Max6x7CnFF9kys56OdV


  • Weapon 3: Soul Pilgrim

The Soul Pilgrim pushes Black Lotus forward. It has three charges: you can either hold the button or press three times separately. If you go through any opponent while pressing, the Lotus get sped up.

  • Charges: 3

  • Cooldown (for each charge): 6 seconds

  • Damage: 100




  • Ultimate Weapon: Nirvana

When the Black Lotus reach the Nirvana, it lasts for 10 seconds and instantly recharges every weapon. During this 10 seconds apex, all weapons’ cooldown drops to 50% and Lotus gets sped up.

  • Duration: 10 seconds

  • Cooldown decrease (of weapons 1, 2 and 3 during the ultimate): 50%




Full Metal Judge

  • Weapon 1: Triple Tap

This is the good ol’ classic Full Metal Judge 3-missiles burst

  • Damage per missile: 60

  • Cooldown: 2 seconds

  • Defensive mode: receives a 60 of protection when hit the targets




  • Weapon 2: Dead or Alive

The Dead or Alive weapon is a switch to activate defensive or offensive mode. By default, the FMJ starts the match on defensive mode.

Defensive mode: receives shield constantly and when hit enemies

Offensive mode: receives constant damage (6 per second), but all the weapons deal more damage.

  • Cooldown: 1,5 second

  • Defensive mode: 15 (shield per second)

  • Offensive mode: 6 (self damage)

  • Offensive mode: 50% more damage in all the weapons




  • Weapon 3: Relentless Plague

Speeds up and deals damage while hitting enemies.

  • Cooldown: 6 seconds

  • Damage: 300 per second

  • Duration: 2 seconds

  • Defensive mode: Receives 60 of shield when hitting enemies




  • Ultimate Weapon: Sentence: Death

This is classic: the Death Sentence keeps the “triple tap” unloading 30 missiles on the enemies.

  • Duration: 4,2 seconds



Arena Selection update


  • As the Cursed Necropolis arena comes to the Heavy Metal Machines, the maps selection behavior changes a little bit. Now, level 1 and 2 players will play in the Cursed Necropolis automatically. The other two arenas will be available as those players reach level 3.

  • From the level 3 above, the arenas will be selected randomly, with 33% of chance for each one of the 3 maps.



  • The “quick chat” (or chat wheel) has been removed from the game



  • Bomba

    • The damage dealt when the bomb was thrown has been removed

    • New efect: Throwing the bomb will push the players and clear the path

Dev Notes: “After several internal tests, we noticed that the damage dealt by the bomb was affecting the fast-paced gameplay. There were moments the players didn’t understand where the damage was coming from. For now, this damage is off, but it is subject to changes in the future.

  • Added strength to the bomb when it hits the wall

  • Minor adjustments in the bomb throwing mechanics


  • Overtime

    • Overtime has been temporarily removed

Dev Notes: “We decided to removed this feature temporarily based on the feedback provided by the community. We realized this feature isn’t well shaped enough to fulfill our expectations. We are going to keep working on it so it will be part of a better and greater experience to the players.


  • Camera

    • The camera point of view is about 10% higher

Dev Notes: “Changing the camera is one of the ways to make the game more ‘understandable’. It will increase the field of view and make the game a little bit slower without changing the real speed of the machines”


  • Interface

    • New background screen in the main menu

    • Visual upgrade in the loading screen


Characters Balance


  • Metal Herald

    • Weapon 2

      • Decreased the cost of life from 180 to 90

    • Weapon 3

      • Decreased the duration of 1 second to 0,75 second

      • Decreased the received shield from 240 to 180

      • Intangibility removed


  • Little Monster

    • Passive Weapon

      • Self repair increased from 70% to 100%


  • Stingray

    • General

      • Decreased the unarmed time after using the weapons


  • Weapon 2

    • Adjusted the distance and speed to improve the gameplay

    • Increased the warmup from 0,25 second to 0,5 second


  • Photon

    • Weapon 1

      • Decreased the maximum damage from 180 to 120


  • Weapon 3

    • Decreased the damage per second from 75 to 60


  • Ultimate

    • Intangibility removed


Bug Fixes

  • The bug that didn’t allow the machines to reach top speed before using the nitro for the first time has been fixed. It reached 95% of the total speed before using the Nitro, and afterwards it stabilized to 100% after its first use.

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