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Patch Notes beta. – 27/03/2018

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  • Option for modifying the weapon activation mode has been removed.

  • “Combat Test” subtitle has been removed from the Main Menu.

  • “Learn More” button has been removed from the Main Menu.

  • Game’s logo has been updated on the Main Menu.

  • Visual enhancements to the tutorial interface.

  • Turkish language has been added.

  • Skin store access has been unlocked.

    • Only Idol skins will be available for now.

Dev Notes: Due to all the changes that we’ve made in our pilots, some skins needed to be updated both on visual aspects and animation mechanics. We started this work with the Idol skins, which we are releasing initially, and after this, we will make the adjustments in the other to release them as fast as they are ready to go live.


In-Game Interface Updates


  • In-game interface elements have been repositioned.

    • Chat and Weapons have swapped places on the in-game interface.

  • Chat has been repositioned on game mode screen and end of match screen.

  • Visual effects enhancements in weapons ready to shoot.

  • Visual effects enhancements in weapons during the cooldown time.

  • Specific colors have been added to each weapon.


Cooldown Indicators


  • Cooldown indicators have been added to the game.

    • Mouse pointer indicator.

    • Indicator on the top of the player’s HP bar.

  • Option to turn on or turn off these indicators has been added.

    • Option can be changed in the “Interface” tab.


Gameplay and Balance


  • A dropper has been added to the front of the delivery line when the Overtime initiates.

Dev Notes: After analyzing the matches performance after the Overtime’s been introduced, we noticed we needed to bring, along to the delivery line, the final dropper to keep the competitivity during the Overtime.



  • Maximum launching speed has been reduced.

  • Weight has been increased.

  • Collision of the bomb has been removed while it is in possession of anyone.

Dev Notes: Due to some unwanted interactions between bomb and weapons, when it’s in possession of a player, we decided to remove the collision on this situation for now.



  • Weapon 1: Wind Hunter

    • Damage has been increased from 120 to 150.

    • Projectile’s slowdown has been reduced by 12.5%

  • Weapon 2: Bull Rush

    • Effect area has been increased by 60%.

Devs Notes: We have made some change in Weapon 2 to make the damage more consistent. The damage caused wasn’t working as we planned before.


Little Monster

  • Special Weapon: Iron Maiden

    • Now, when Little Monster lands above an enemy, she jumps again using the special weapon. This recharges part of her auto-repair effect.



  • Weapon 1: Shock Away

Expands a magnetic field that pushes the enemies and causes damage to them.

    • Damage: 100

    • Cooldown: 2.25 seconds


  • Weapon 2: Death Magnet

Shoots a magnet tow that keeps the enemies attached. Double activation: stops the magnet effect immediately.

    • Initial Damage: 100

    • Final Damage: 100

    • Duration: 2.5 seconds

    • Cooldown: 10.5 seconds


  • Weapon 3: Electric Rush

Magnetize his machine gaining speed and pushing away the enemies. Causes a little damage if he collides with some opponent.

    • Duration: 1.5 seconds

    • Cooldown: 6 seconds


  • Special Weapon: Singularity

Explodes a magnetic field around him, attracting opponents to his direction.

    • Damage: 200

    • Duration: 3 seconds



  • Weapon 1: Harder

Projects disintegrators lasers. After hitting an opponent, the damaging effect still affects the target for a while.

    • Damage per Second: 170

    • Area Duration: 1 second

    • Duration of the damaging effect on the target: 0.5 seconds

    • Cooldown: 3 seconds


  • Weapon 2: Better

Projects sidelights that repairs allies for an extended duration. After hitting an ally, the repair effect still affects the target for a while.

    • Repair per Second: 300

    • Area Duration: 3 seconds

    • Duration of the repair effect on the target: 3 seconds

    • Cooldown: 10 seconds


  • Weapon 3: Faster

Speeds up leaving a laser and light track repairing the allies and causing damage to enemies.

    • Repair per Second: 150

    • Damage per Second: 75

    • Duration: 1 second

    • Cooldown: 6 seconds


  • Special Weapon: Stronger

Activates “Better” and “Faster” for an extended duration

    • Duration: 8 seconds


  • Passive: Lights on Me

Hitting targets with her weapons trigger auto repair

    • Repairing percentage by damage caused: 100%

    • Repairing percentage by repair made: 100%


Known Bugs

  • Damage and repair numbers of Photon’s Weapon 1 and 2 are inconsistent.

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