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Community Night Sumary - March 10th

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Hey guys,

We've made a live stream recently, the Community Afternoon, with Panda and Pitcher talking about the Combat Test news, and also replying to questions and commenting the suggestions coming from the community. We summarize in this topic the main points covered, and also the link to the live stream. It's mostly in Portuguese due to the majority of the audience on this occasion were Brazilian players, but we will always reply any comments and questions from English and other languages the best we can, so feel free to comment and ask anything here.

Topics discussed during the Livestream:

Metal Herald's balancing

  • We are aware that the character is too strong in the hands of experienced players, and we are studying the adjustments

E-sports scene and new competitive content

  • After all the hard work being put on the Combat Test, we'll come back with the official championships, such as the European and South American Championships
  • Still in March two other characters will return to the game (already adjusted)
  • Other than that, content for veteran players are also in our development plans, such as Ranked Matches

Character and gameplay changes

  • We are making changes to the characters so that they become more intuitive, and not necessarily easier

Effects regarding Killer J.'s abilities

  • Abilities' effects are being analyzed for improvements

Defense mechanics in the Arena

  • We are working on improvements for the goal's defense, such as the recent adjustment made in the Temple of Sacrifice

New content development

  • After the Combat Test adjustments, we'll work on content for both veterans and new players

Music tracks during the match

  • Was removed due to improvements research, and our goal is to bring them back
  • Improvements to the Overtime track, to provide a more frenetic feeling


  • The four characters released in the last week's patch aren't available as bots yet, and they'll be added as soon as some improvements in the AI are completed

Return to the skin shop

  • Until the end of March, the bronze skins will make their return to the game, and during April all skins will be available again
  • All players that purchased any content from the skin shop, or Founder's Pack, will have everything back as soon as they come back to the game

Character abilities in a single direction

  • The upcoming characters being worked on will include abilities that use other directions, other than just forward

About the controller support removal

  • The controller was being used by a small percentage of our community, and because its experience wasn't the best possible, we decided to remove this functionality so that we can dedicate time for it after the Combat Test content is done. 


  • We are looking into ways to improve the defense when the Overtime is active, which can also include exclusive droppers just for this feature

Changes in the bomb's weight

  • The change made had the goal of making it more intuitive for the players, but we are open to suggestions and will continue to study possible changes

Bomb getting stuck in the Arena

  • We are working so that this issue can be resolved by the next update, on 20/03

Community Suggestions

  • A tutorial to teach players how to use upgrades for each character (in case it comes back), and also for other features that have been added to the game
  • Training Mode for the characters
  • Improve the precision regarding the bomb's weight
  • Upon releasing the bomb, the speed shall be set according to the state of the car (stopped, for example)


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