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Guest Harkness

Patch Notes Photon - 31/01/2017

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Guest Harkness


New Machine: Photon

  • Full Character Page: http://www.heavymetalmachines.com/site/photon/
  • Weapon 1 - Stellar Track: Photon activates an energy trail that follows her movement. Enemies touching the trail receive damage per second. While the trail is activated, Photon moves 20% faster and gains Phasing.
  • Weapon 2 - Cosmic Concord: Photon creates an area around herself, repairing allies inside at a rate of 20 Hit Points per second, during 5 seconds.
  • Special Weapon - Empyreal Pod: When Empyreal Pod is activated Photon receives the following modifiers for12 seconds: - Fast 10%. - All repair done is increased by 50%. - Cleanse (when passing through allies while Refulgent Core is activated, Photon removes all negative effects from them and herself).
  • Advantage - Refulgent Core: If Photon remains at top speed for 2 seconds, her Refulgent Core is activated, causing the following effects: - When passing through an ally, Photon repairs him by 15 hit points per second during 5 seconds, while receiving a small speed boost and repairing herself for 5 seconds. If Photon remains at a reduced speed for more than 2 seconds, Refulgent Core is deactivated.


Gameplay Changes

  • All slow effects now apply 40% slow.
  • The life bar visual has been improved.
  • The chat visual in the main screen has been improved.
  • The buttons X and A have been swapped for the Xbob 360 controller.


Voice chat

  • You can now talk with your team over voice chat.
  • The default button is K [L3].




  • Weapon 1:
    • The overcharge rate has been increased by 50%.
    • The connection angle has been increased from 45 to 60.
    • Weapon 1, Upgrade - Canhão Ocular: The connection angle has been increased from 60 to 80.
  • Weapon 2:
    • The range is now the same regardless of the speed of the car.
    • Enemies hit will be pushed in the same direction.
  • Advantage:
    • Overcharge will now start to decrease after 7.5 seconds [Was 5].
    • Weapon 1 will now cool down in 3 seconds if it overheats.
    • Slow is now applied accordingly when enemies are hit.
  • Special Weapon: The special shoots now launch closer to one another and will collide only once.

Full Metal Judge

  • Weapon 1:
    • Damage has been increased from 20 to 25.
    • Weapon 1, Upgrade - Full lead hat: Damage has been increased from 25 to 32.

Metal Herald

  • Weapon 1, Upgrade - Bless from Beyond: Metal Herald now receives Recovery 33% when healing or dealing damage.

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