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Teams identification

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Hi again.
I know, that's some second-or-even-third-priority thing, however I think it's still worth considering. Let's add it to beta-feedback.

The first matter is - more visibility for teams.

I am asked quite frequently, that my team tag [CW] stand for. And I often ask question - "and yours?" I noticed, that the only moment when other, stranger players can see our full team name and logo is when we start a match with full team of four members. Then they can see the ribbon while loading screen, and that's all.
It would be fine, if there would be more moments to expose teams identity.
For example - we start with two players in casual match. There is drawn third player, from other team, with tag next to his nick, and fourth one, "unassociated".
Why not to show team ribbons even in that case - to say "you're playing temporary alliance between team X and team Y members"?

These thoughts are caused by feeling of ubiquitous randomness of players. That the community is just a big crowd of random players. But they form teams (which tags are quite useless, since you can't  suss them with full name of team), they form parties and so. The pool of players has some structure, let's highlight that!

The second thing is - teams browser / board

"Looking for support", "looking for team" - not very often phrase on chat, but still. With all due respect, HMM social media are mainly South-America (BR) oriented - or I am blind and don't know how to search for proper group on facebook to find some companions in European region.
I imagine a more complex site after clicking on team ribbon in main menu or on leaderboard button. The site would be place where you can browse and search teams, look at teams members, names, logos... teams would be able to tag themselves as looking for a member on some certain position or for other team to organize some trainings / friedly matches.
I guess it would be much more animating tool for the community itself, letting it grow up and so.

The third thing is - custom logos
That is a little more complicated and less important, but may be more important when points above would be more considered/introduced. I noticed that ZONY statue has some unusual logo on it, while KVAS statue has some standard one.
The library of logos isn't very big and lot of them are not very attractive / may seem cheesy for some people. I noticed that the most popular is Molotov cocktail. Lot of teams use it. I changed our one to fireball-thingy, since we think that the cocktail is to repeatable. But still, there's no logo, which would really fit our name in my opinion.

Option to upload your own logo for your team would be quite risky and would rather require some moderation. Because, how do you think, what picture would be uploaded by team with [c==3] tag (there is one for real!). I think that aproval pending and validation by some moderator would work. 

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