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Patch Notes beta. - 04/01/2018

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  • The Christmas theme has been removed from the Temple of Sacrifice arena;

  • The Christmas bomb has been removed;

  • The Christmas-themed background picture has been removed from the Main Menu.


Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed bugs in this version:

    • Endgame cards were misaligned;

    • Casual Match and Custom Match cards were misaligned;

    • Some cards’ edges had irregular black pixels;

    • Private messages feedbacks got stuck on the screen;

    • Inconsistent rewards icons in the end screen after the player leveled up;

    • Help screen (F1) didn’t open in some cases during the match;

    • Stats screen (Tab) didn’t open in some cases during the match;

    • Game menu (ESC) didn’t open in some cases during the match;

    • Players got stuck on end screen if they finished the match AFK (away from keyboard)

    • Bomb’s texture got checkered;

    • “Copy Access Code” and “Select an Arena” buttons didn’t work in some cases;

    • Last chat line doesn’t appear when the chat is opened;

    • Complete Mission window overlayed the Daily Rewards window;

    • The “Alt+Tab” command closed the game in some cases;

    • Some friends didn’t appear available on the friend’s list in some situations;

    • Machine’s level didn’t get updated in the profile screen;

    • Sprites and textures don’t load after the purchase of Cash by a player and the game’s restart;

    • Cash purchase button was working only in the Main Menu;

    • When the player buys a model, the store doesn’t show the model as already purchased in some cases;

    • Fade out from Game Mode screen to the Main Menu partially overlays the buttons’ animation.

    • Skill rate bar in the pick screen appears with low graphics quality;

    • Social media tooltip overlayed the other buttons in the bottom of the Main Menu;

    • Stingray appeared for a short time as the pre-selected pilot in the pick screen instead of Little Monster in some cases;

    • Player goes to an endless loading when quickly clicks in a model on the store and tries to open the Settings menu after this;

    • In the pick screen, “Caster” still appears as “Narrador” doesn’t matter the player’s language;

    • Mouse scroll didn’t move at the right speed (slower);

    • Clunker’s advantage has some graphic effects issues in some cases.

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