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Tips and Tricks - #01: How to Pass The Bomb

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Hello fans of Heavy Metal Machines!

Today we are going to talk about a very important move for the game that generates many discussions: Passing the bomb!


Passing the bomb properly is an essential skill to become a better player of Heavy Metal Machines. While it may seem simple to do, a good pass can consecrate the delivery of the bomb, while a bad pass can mean the death (and defeat!) of your allies.

Basic mechanics

When holding the space bar, the bomb is always passed back, which means that the positioning is essential so that the bomb does not fall into the hands of the enemy team. There is little time between the moment you decide to pass, and the bomb is actually released, so be careful with an enemy carrier coming in at the last moment!


Team work

Passing the bomb does not just depend on who is carrying it. If you want to receive a pass, position yourself behind your teammate that is in possession of the bomb! That way, you guarantee that you will receive the pass correctly.

Skip not to die

When you are carrying the bomb, it is impossible to use the maps shortcuts to escape certain death. In such a situation, pass the bomb before you die and the emergency exits will be available!

No allies around

Consider this: you are low on health and enemies begin to surround you. With the near destruction, it is ideal to escape so you do not give more resources to the enemies and to regroup with their allies. In this case, you can try a pass forward, without a direct target for the pass. A good suggestion is to try to throw the bomb in lava or the guard rails to make life difficult for the enemy team or a pass forward, toward where the bomb will be delivered.

Hopefully this helps everyone with their passes! We hope to see you all executing these passes in the arena! \m/ 

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