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New machine concept: Silver Arrow.
Description: An interceptor that uses long ranged attacks to strike foes from afar.
Pilot's appearance: She'd be an elf archer with a Patrons symbol on her outfit.
Machine's appearance: Something like this with a crossbow on the front and would have a patron symbol somewhere on it.
Lore: A loyal member of the patrons, Skye Arrowsmith never misses her target. One day while practicing her aim, She witnessed some innocents being attacked by FMJ. Quickly she jumped into her machine the Silver Arrow, and raced to the rescue, quickly chasing the Sect outlaw away shooting arrows at him. The people thanked her by offering her a invitation to the arena and that's where she went.
Passive: Precise Aim. Her weapons never miss making them tough to outrun.
Q: Shining Arrow. Fires a sparkling arrow at enemies dealing damage and popping their tires.
W: Exploding Arrow. Fires a arrow that attaches to enemies. 2nd activation: The arrow detonates causing splash damage.
E: Swift Sprint. Accelerates forward surrounded in a silver aura.
R: Arrow Storm. Releases multiple arrows into the sky which rain down on enemies causing high damage, and popping tires.      


Silver archer machine..jpg

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