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This won't hurt a bit..... PSYCHE!

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New machine concept: Nurse Bloodlust.
Description: A support that trades health with enemies.
Pilot's appearance: A crazed nurse with blood all over her clothes, and would wear smeared makeup.
Machine's appearance: An armored ambulance that has blood splattered all over it. It would be as big as Icebringer.
Lore: Nurse Rebecca Redheart wasn't always the crazed psychopathic nurse that she is today. She was once a humble worker at a hospital who always made sure her patients were all healed up and feeling better!
But one day a annoying patient arrived and started berating her while she was operating on his knee. She suddenly snapped and amputated his leg and head, she realized how killing that jerk must've felt and has since devoted her life to killing her "patients" if they disobey her. And that includes a certain Killer J who doesn't want to take his medicine. The arena will be her hospital!
Passive: Bleed. This is triggered when her weapons damage enemies which slowly drains their health.
Q: Scornful Syringe. Shoots a syringe at enemies damaging them and making them bleed.
W: Maniacal Medication. Bloodlust opens the back doors of her machine and dumps medicine which damages enemies and heals allies.
E: Ambulance Chaser. With her sirens blaring NB accelerates at breakneck speeds ramming enemies out of her way.
R: Blood transplant. When activated, NB switches health with the selected enemy's health. (Can come in handy when facing an Icebringer.) 


Dr. Bloodwork pilot..jpg



Nurse Bloodlust machine..jpg

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