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New machine concept: Chessmaster.
Description: A transporting interceptor that can lay down turrets.
Pilot's appearance: He would look like a literal chess piece that came to life with a long cape with chess patterns on it.
Machine's appearance: A Packard with a knight head on the front, bishop symbols on the sides, and two rooks on the back.
Lore: A member of the patrons who's a excellent chess player enters the arena to test his new style of combat.
Passive: Stalemate. Enemies can't move when his weapons hit them.
Q: Pawn. Places 3 pawns on the ground which enemies bounce off of. 2nd Activation: The pawns attack enemies.
W: Bishop. places 2 bishops on the ground which act like turrets, and block enemies' way.
E: Knight. Jumps over enemies with the power of the knight pieces.
R: Queen. Places a queen on the ground that has all the abilities of the other 3 pieces.

Chessmaster pilot..jpg

Chessmaster Machine..jpg

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