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New machine concept: Dark Widow.
Description. A Interceptor designed around trapping enemies rendering the, venerable.
Pilot's appearance: A Spider zoomorph with 4 legs on her back, and would wear a tiara.
Machine's appearance: A spider looking car with 6 legs that extend.
Lore: The City of Manfall has it's fare share of oddballs and this spider girl is no exception. She is a skilled assassin and interrogator who never mercy for her foes. One day Stingray was racing through the city and she caught him in one of her webs and started to question him about the patrons. Of course he thought of an excuse to get him out of his sticky situation, so she decided to head to the arena to gather more info about the patrons so she can overthrow them!
Passive: Venom. All her weapons poison enemies slowly draining their health and healing her.
Q: Web shot. Shoots balls of silk at her enemies damaging and trapping them.
W: Widow's bite. DW chomps down on enemies which damages and poisons them.
E: Tarantula. The legs on her machine extend outward and she gains acceleration.
R: Web of Woe. DW spins a giant web which traps enemies for 3s, and poisons them.    

Dark Widow pilot..png


Dark Widow machine..jpg

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