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New machine concept: Bone Warrior.
Description: An interceptor of two worlds. Offence and Defense.
Pilot's appearance: An undead barbarian with nightmarish armor.
Machine's appearance: A Buggy made out of bones from the undead. (The bones are made of titanium)
Lore: Maximus Skullduggery was the worlds most feared warrior who died in a battle in conquering the metal kingdom. He rose from the dead after Metal Herald revived him as a skeleton. Now with his newfound immortality he enters the arena to continue his conquest.
Passive: Bonesplosion. Whenever he gets destroyed, the usual death animation doesn't occur. Instead he explodes scattering his parts everywhere enemies who get hit by his parts suffer low damage.
Q: Bone throw. Lobs bones at enemies dealing low damage.
W: Reform. When activated BW calls all his bones back to his machine. Enemies who get hit by the moving bones suffer medium damage.
E: Use your head! BW accelerates at breakneck speeds ramming into enemies and dealing medium damage.
R: Sturdy Bones. BW's machine's bones become solid titanium and cannot be damaged for 5s.


Bone warrior pilot..jpg


Bone warrior machine..jpg

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Coldhands' request.

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