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New machine concept: Taxicab 47Z.
Description: A transporter that uses his weapons to score points more easily while delivering the bomb.
Pilot's appearance: A man about 28 years old would have a cool haircut, a spiffy taxi driver suit, and would speak with a new jersey accent.
Machine's appearance: A taxicab modified for the arena. It would be just as big as FMJ.
Lore: A hardworking taxi driver who's company that he works for is on the verge of bankruptcy enters the arena to win the money to save it.
Passive: Tip please! Whenever he destroys an enemy, a speed boost is rewarded.
Q: Wipe your south! Shoots flaming toilet paper from his hand made toilet paper launcher at enemies damaging and burning them.
W: Lighten the load. Drops suitcases filled with explosives that detonate and damage enemies.
E: Rush Hour. Accelerates forward at breakneck speeds scattering money and healing allies.
R: Reckless driving. He begins speeding out of control ramming into enemies and dealing high damage.

Taxicab 47 Z. pilot..jpg

Taxicab 47 Z machine..png


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