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New machine concept: Dreamcatcher.
Description: A support that heals allies with pleasant dreams and gives enemies nightmares.
Pilot's appearance: A fairy with a tiara that has a diamond in the middle and would have a long flowing dress.
Machine's appearance: Something like this with a giant crescent moon on the tip of the hood and would have large fairy wings.
Lore: When night falls upon Metal City and everyone falls asleep, this fairy will make sure everyone will have pleasant dreams! One night while she was casting out dreams, her magic became corrupted by the sect and Metal Herald is responsible. She enters the arena to purify the sect and make it good.
Passive: Hypnosis. DC has a aura glowing from her machine and enemies that get too close get stalled for 2s.
Q: Pixie blast. Shoots a magical projectile forward which deals damage.
W: Dream Eater. Absorbs enemy health and heals her by 15%. (Works best with with the passive)
E: Twinkle twinkle!. Accelerates forward leaving a trail of pixie dust which stalls enemies instead of damaging them.
R: Soothing Lullaby. DC's aura expands healing allies with wonderful dreams. (Same as MH but opposite)

Dreamcatcher pilot..png



Dreamcatcher machine..jpg

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