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New machine concept: Copycat.
Description: An interceptor that can mimic enemies' passives all while dealing damage with her weapons.
Pilot's appearance: A young feline zoomorph in a mime outfit with a two toned barite, and unmatching Mary jane shoes.
Machine's appearance: A Mini Cooper with two different colors. left side is black, right side is white.
Lore: This young zoomorph loves to mimic the behavior of those around her! One night while she was practicing for her show, she noticed Killer J and his gang approaching her stage. Immediately she went to see what they were up to.
While Killer J was explaining the plan to the other members, she started to mimic him, so much that he felt creeped out! So creeped out that he nervously gave her an invitation to the arena and scurried away. Now he feels disturbed whenever she competes!
Passive: Mime. Copycat can mimic her enemies' passives and skills all while doing damage with her own weapons.
Q: Mimic Orb. She shoots out a glass ball which damages enemies and grants her their 1st skill.
W: Mirror Shield. A giant mirror appears in front of her machine which can absorb enemy fire, and grants her their 2nd skill.
E: Quick Copying. Copycat leaves accelerates forward leaving 3 mimic orbs on the ground and whenever an enemy runs over them, they deal damage and grant her their 3rd skill.
R: Me, myself, and I! Two reflections appear and copy her every move. (Perfect for confusing enemies)

Copycat pilot..png


Copycat machine..jpg

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