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New machine concept: Hailstorm.
Description: An interceptor that can create explosions to clear large areas of enemies.
Pilot's appearance: A brachiosaurs zoomorph in a general's outfit, would be INSANELY tall and would speak in a low Slavic accent.
Machine's appearance: A half track style army truck with a huge missile on top accompanied by smaller missile launchers.
Lore: The scientists from the City of Manfall wanted to create the perfect patriotic zoomorph to help Peacemaker in the arena. So they found a skeleton of a brachiosaurs from the prehistoric times and restored it to her original state.
It was a success! But her idea of an free world is a few centuries out of date, and she heads to the arena to begin a rebellion.
Passive: Short fuse. If Hailstorm gets destroyed she explodes destroying all enemies around her but the blast is much stronger than Killer J's passive.
Q: Homing missiles. Shoots three missiles at enemies dealing low damage but they're extremely hard to evade.
W: Sticky Grenade. Shoots a grenade at enemies which sticks onto them and counts down. The longer the bomb stays on, the stronger the damage will become.
E: Rocket push. The missile on her machine propels her forward and this pushes enemies aside.
R: Nitro Zeus. Launches the giant missile which creates a huge explosion on impact instantly killing all enemies in the area it explodes in.

Hailstorm pilot..jpg


Hailstorm machine..jpg


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