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New machine concept: Blacksand.
Description: A transporting interceptor that can tackle large groups of enemies while delivering the bomb.
Pilot's appearance: A large buff member of Dirt Devil's crew complete with a menacing mask, and tattered scarf.
Machine's appearance: Envision this off road Bel Air with a harpoon, spiked ram, and other Mad Max esque features.
Lore: Dirt Devil knew that some of the arena's battles he couldn't handle alone. So he contacts one of his most elite members in his crew to help him with the challenges the arena throws at him.
Passive: Madman. Whenever he kills an enemy, he gets a damage boost but this makes him venerable.
Q: Molotov Cocktail. Throws a flaming projectile at enemies which deals low damage and burns them. (Similar to Wildfire's Q)
W: Reel em' in! Blacksand shoots his harpoon out at enemies and drags them in which damages them, but the heavier the machine the slower the reel speed will be.
E: Roadkill run over. Accelerates forward ramming enemies with his spiked bumper dealing moderate damage. (Useful with W whenever he's reeling in a heavier enemy)
R: Sand trap. leaves out a sand pit which instead of damaging enemies, traps them and renders them immobile.  


Blacksand pilot..jpg

Blacksand machine..jpg

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