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New machine concept: Shockwave.
Description: An electrical transporter that shocks enemies making them venerable.
Pilot's appearance: A guy with hair that's shaped like lightning and would have a thunderbolt on his shirt.
Machine's appearance: A Tesla roadster with two small generators in the back, and would have lightning patterns on the sides.
Lore: A brave and noble man who's in charge of metal city's energy sector enters the arena to find lightning so powerful that it can make a machine travel at the speed of light!
Passive: Paralysis. All of his weapons have the occasional tendency to paralyze enemies making them immobile.    
Q: Thunderbolt. Shoots a thunderbolt at enemies dealing low damage but can Paralyze them.
W: Electroshield. Surrounds himself in a electrical barrier which can paralyze enemies if they touch it.
E Ride the Lightning! Shockwave accelerates forward with lightning surrounding his machine ramming enemies and paralyzing them.
R: Thunderstorm. Summons thunder and lightning from the sky which deals high damage to enemies and paralyzes them.

Shockwave pilot..png

Shockwave machine..jpg

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