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Every action has Consequences.

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New machine concept: Vulpine Entropy.
Description: An Interceptor that specializes in flanking and sabotaging.
Pilot's appearance: She'd be a fox zoomorph in all black clothing.
Machine's appearance: A Corvette style car with two guns on the front.
Lore: A hitwoman from the City Of Manfall who's a huge phenomenon in the criminal underworld. Recently she's set her sights on the arena where she will kill and sabotage anyone she doesn't trust. (And that includes a certain Peacemaker)
Passive: Sly Fox. VE's Icon doesn't appear on the minimap unless she uses a weapon or gets hit by one.
Q: Leadpumper. Shoots her machine guns at enemies dealing low damage for each shot.
W: Point Blank. VE sticks her arm out of the window of her machine, and shoots enemies' tires making them skid.
E: Book it! She accelerates at breakneck speeds leaving caltrops which slow enemies and damages them.
R: I'll be back! When activated, she puts a brick on the accelerator, then jumps out of her machine. If the car collides with a enemy it instantly destroys them if not it deals splash damage. (This works similar to Killer J's passive) 

Vulpine Entropy pilot..png


Vulpine Entropy machine..jpg


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