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New machine concept: Unit 666.
Description: A high damaging interceptor that can hack into enemies and control them.
Pilot's appearance: An android with a Maximatics logo on it's chest and would have a sleek appearance.
Machine's appearance: A 6 wheeled armored truck that's very futuristic.
Lore: Maximatics wanted to make robots to help the citizens of Metal City so they create the perfect android to do so. It's a success! But then it goes rouge, and heads to metal city to exterminate all humans so robots can take over.
Passive: Virus. Whenever he uses his weapons enemies get a speed nerf.
Q: Railgun. Shoots his railgun at enemies dealing low damage.
W: Hack. Unit 666 hacks into enemy vehicles so they get stuck in reverse.
E: Update. Accelerates forward leaving plasma mines which detonate to damage enemies, and nerf their defenses. 
R: Error 666. Creates an EMP burst which deals high damage to enemies and nerfing their weapon damage.

Unit 666 pilot..jpg


Shellgame machine..jpg


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