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New machine concept: Treefrog.
Description: A transporter with quick reflexes and mobility to help dodge enemy fire.
Pilot's appearance: She would be a girl with frog DNA that wears a green jumpsuit and has frog like goggles on her head.
Machine's appearance: A 6 wheeled ATV with a huge suspension. It would be slightly bigger than Vulture, but close to the same size.
Lore: A young scientist who loves frogs and other reptiles gets heavily injured by Peacemaker during a research at the City Of Manfall and her fellow scientists fuse Frog DNA into her system to save her life. Since this enhances her reflexes and agility, She weaponizes her ATV and heads to the arena to get revenge on Brian Steele not knowing that it was just an accident.
Passive: Frog's Reflex. Works just like Dirt Devil's passive only she deals damage to whoever she lands on. (And allows her to climb walls)
Q: Tongue whip. Treefrog whips her tongue at enemies dealing low damage and pushing them aside.
W: Camo dome. A clear barrier surrounds her which blocks enemy fire and bounces it back at them.
E: Leapfrog. Treefrog leaps forward at a huge feat.
R: Beelzebufo. Her suspension grows bigger and begins bouncing around. Enemies that get caught underneath her wheels get destroyed instantly.

Treefrog pilot..png

Treefrog machine.jpg

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