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New machine concept: Python.
Description: An interceptor that focuses more on trickery than combat.
Pilot's appearance: A snake zoomorph in a attractive desert outfit, and has a mechanical tail.
Machine's appearance: A snake style car with lots of scales on it, and would have snake eye headlights.
Lore: Dirt Devil always had a grudge against the sandworm that took his arm and eye away from him, but he was going to learn the truth when he found out that Diana Diamondback a warrior of the sand sea was the exact same serpent that he tried to slay! In addition to him losing a arm and eye, she had her tail cut off by him in the process! Now replacing it with a bionic tail, she heads to the arena to settle the score with him.
Passive: Venom. Enemies get intoxicated and start to lose health every time she uses her weapons.
Q: Python Bite. Python shoots a cable from the front of her machine which connects to an enemy and begins stealing HP. 2nd activation. She retracts the cable leaving enemies intoxicated.
W: Camouflage. (Exactly what is says on the tin) Python camouflages with the map around her so enemies can't see her. 2nd activation. Python becomes visible. (Works best with Q)
E: Slither. She accelerates forward in a curvy motion, leaving a trail of venom that intoxicates and slows enemies.
R: Titanoboa. Shoots out a bigger cable which constricts enemies and instantly kills them.

Python pilot..png

Python machine..jpg

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