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I want to syphon your fuel!

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New machine concept: Count Metal.
Description: A transporting interceptor that can suck the life out of enemies.
Pilot's appearance: A vampire with a long cloak, and would have a charming appearance.
Machine's appearance: A hot rod style hearse with large fangs on the grille and would have a red aura in the headlights and underglow.
Lore: A prince who was reincarnated after being killed by Windrider for his actions against the innocent enters the arena to pay her back.
Passive: Evil aura. His aura glows bright which can lower enemy damage.
Q: Dark Shadow. Releases a shadow which can pass through enemies. 2nd activation. The shadow detonates dealing low damage to enemies. (Tricky to uese)
W: Coffin Bomb. Lobs a coffin from the back of his machine which detonates after 5s but explodes instantly when it hits an enemy. 
E: Vampire bat. The count grows wings on both sides of his machine which propel him forward.
R: Bloodsucker. When activated the count starts to syphon fuel from all nearby enemies accompanied by red orbs. 

Count Metal pilot..jpg


Count Metal machine..jpg

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