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New machine concept: Goalkeeper.
Description: A transporter that rewards players with speed each time they deliver the bomb.
Pilot's appearance: He would be a rugby player in a tracksuit with a headband and would speak in a British accent.
Machine's appearance: A Dodge Viper decked out in soccer ball colors.
Lore: Metal City's top rugby player was always great at his game. In fact he's a little TOO great, so he sets his sights on the arena to show off his driving and rugby skills.
Passive: Fan favorite. Each time he scores a goal he gets rewarded with a speed boost.
Q: Pitch. Shoots out a flaming rugby ball that deals damage and bounces off walls.
W: Goalicade. Summons a goal post from the rear of his machine which can block enemy fire.
E: Spear Tackle. Rushes forward tackling enemies and pushing them into walls.
R: Black Dot. Summons a black dot which gets enemies stuck and unable to move. 

Touchdown pilot..jpg

Touchdown machine..jpg

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No one could understand his passive.

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